Art Down 45: No looking back, ever

Second installment

By Ken Levy


Rights, you say? by Ken Levy

Not a day, not an hour it seems, goes by without some fresh outrage against the values and democracy we hold dear.  Key legislation, virtually every executive order or congressional maneuver, stacks the cards against average America, whether it’s removing protections for clean water and air, working to stymie our ability to demand recourse for injuries perpetrated on us, hobbling our education system and forcing our most vulnerable populations to do with much less, or do without completely.

This, while those who govern lie to our faces and virtually dare us to challenge them.Bud Phillips Cattle

The challenge is on, and true patriotism requires our defiance…

This project continues to evolve, speaking to that defiance and a decent, safe, clean, healthy and prosperous America for every single one of us.

Herded like Cattle by Ken Levy

Next week’s images from Art Down 45, and those that follow, will speak for themselves, without unnecessary verbiage from me. Again, some images may offend, so if you continue to follow this project, be advised.

Meanwhile, I still work to help the hungry in Idaho by donating 20% of all my photo sales directly to the Idaho Foodbank. I have greatly lowered my prices for framed images showing at the following locations. Beautiful framed images from my Collectors Editions are ideal for those empty walls at home or office.  Contact me for details.


Art Down 45 looks at America in crisis: No April Fool’s joke here

By Ken Levy


The swamp has become a toilet, and it’s time to flush.

Things were far from perfect under the Obama presidency, but there was an element of strength, of respect, of some level of caring and compassion we have yet to see since he left. Regardless of his mistakes, America was still respected as a great nation, not only by her own citizens but also by much of the rest of the world. We held our heads high.

This Little Piggy

“Bloated Pig” by Ken Levy

But we surrendered that greatness when we handed over the leadership of this country to those who run their offices with an arrogant, in-your-face belligerence heavily seasoned with blatant lies.

Beyond the hateful erosion of human rights and standards of fairness and ethics,  we see issues of health, environmental safety, education and the arts facing serious decimation by calls for military budget increases, a wall that won’t work and further tax breaks for the wealthiest.

Far from becoming great again — as though something got lost before we got here — average America is being dragged toward the abyss, while those who “lead” prosper at our expense. Not only financially, but at the demanded sacrifice of our environment, our Sheep43sense of decency and fairness and, perhaps the biggest casualty of all, the truth.

But there is a growing resistance in this country, and decent America won’t go down without a fight.

For me, part of that fight is coming out in imagery, a series of photographs dubbed “Art Down 45.”

“The Sheep Slowly Awaken” by Ken Levy

Beginning with these photos, the project includes many images that can shock and/or offend (but no x-rated stuff). All will portray my perspective on where it seems we are — and where we might be headed. You likely have seen some of these photos in other contexts, but be assured — this ain’t no fool’s joke. Unless we let the joke be on us.

This is an ongoing project, and I’ll be adding images regularly to this blog and to Facebook.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to help hungry folks in Idaho, by donating 20% of every sale of my images to the Idaho Foodbank. To help boost that donation, I have severely lowered my prices for images showing at the following locations. Beautiful framed images from my Collectors Editions are ideal for walls at home or office.  Contact me for details.