Eagles in the Gorge


By Lana Levy

Staying focused on the good things people do, instead of the mountains of devious, hurtful things that make all the headlines, requires a good deal of patience and determination. On a trip to the Columbia River Gorge recently, I was reminded of a very important tool to keep that determination in focus…

Ken and I BaldEagleColRivGorge9268were camped in a commercial RV campground in our little travel trailer on the Washington side of the gorge. This became our home away from home while we devoured the beauty of the area. Almost as soon as we got set up for our stay, Ken’s eyes were taken skyward where he spotted two Bald Eagles soaring above. It wasn’t long before we were able to see they had their nest in a tree directly across the street from our picnic table.

Each morning we heard the cry of one bird to the other before their hunting expedition began. We had the joy of seeing them in flight or on their nest every day. Looking back on that joyous experience, I remember a time when I thought I would never be so lucky as to see a Bald Eagle in its natural habitat.

I have seen many over the last several years, but it never gets old. Every time I see one of these majestic birds, I am reminded of the natural beauty we all have access to and often don’t take the time to enjoy. Perhaps that is why it is easier for folks to be disgruntled, disappointed and unhappy.

Again, I go about my days on this planet seeing the joyful things around me in nature and the people I meet. Finding that joy keeps me the happiest.



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