Road trip! New Hampshire autumn


The journey: Nearly 7,000 miles of cross-country driving,
spread out over 33 days covering 19 states. First in a series.


Above: Fall Cove Serenity: Alton Bay, New Hampshire by Ken Levy

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Stormy skies threatening rain loomed over us as we drove slowly into Alton Bay, New Hampshire on our way to the southern coast of Maine.

A tiny cove caught the corner of my eye as the wind began to slowly pick up. Colorful, window-filled homes, set back in trees ripe with deep, fall colors, reflected themselves in the calm water of the bay.

A few droplets began to fall, as I swiftly hiked back the quarter-mile to the scene from my parking spot. The glass-like water surface I’d seen a minute ago would soon be rippling in the wind.

I set up just in time so only a narrow strip of the water rippled in the growing wind on the bay. Rain drops started to spatter the surface, which still maintained most of its glossy, colored reflections. The rain drops provided another living dimension to the scene. In another few moments, that glossiness was rippled up and the reflections disappeared.


Above: Sunset blush on the Pemi, Pemigewasset River, NH by Ken Levy
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This was our last stop before leaving New Hampshire and the beauty of the Pemigewasset River and the legendary Kancamagus Highway. The Pemi is reduced to a small, intricate flow in late fall, awaiting the winter snows to refresh it.

Rocky Gorge Kancamagus



At left: Rocky Gorge, Kancamagus Highway, NH

by Ken Levy














Below: New Hampshire Fall Color, White Mt. National Forest, by Lana Levy


Next time: Maine coastal delights

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