Fine art + feeding the hungry = Great holiday tradition

By Ken Levy

Thanks to everyone who came out to my photo exhibits at both FrameWorks locations in the Treasure Valley. Because of  your support, I’m able to donate a nice check to the Idaho Foodbank in plenty of time for the holidays.

But it doesn’t stop there. My tradition of giving 20% of sales to the Foodbank runs all year.
Here’s how it works:

You get stunning photograFoggyTreesYachats1966phy for your home, office or as thoughtful gifts; each beautiful photo you buy also helps feed hungry people.

Visit any of my exhibits (below), and my web site, to make the perfect holiday purchase that gives twice:

At left: Coastal Inspiration, Yachats, Ore.


 About my photos

These professional-quality images will add beauty and interest to every wall, including those of your friends, family and colleagues. You can find a huge variety of original art on my web site.

Keep an eye on my New Works page for updates to my photography, and stop by my Collector’s Editions page to RedBarnOrchards32view some of my clients’ favorite works.

Email me for details at or visit my web site at

Consider making my images part of your holiday gift giving this year. Because no one should have to go hungry, and beauty makes a great gift for everyone.


 Red Barn, Hood River Fruit Loop



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