On the trail: Of dragonflies and eagles

By Ken Levy

Part two
As photographers, we all love to travel to a favorite place and get the grand landscape and icons of the place. But there’s an emotional intimacy with close-up photography that immerses you in your surroundings…and those who inhabit it.

PhotogrBlueDragonflies1852aphing the tiny life at Trout Farm Campground outside Prairie City, Ore. involButterflyFlower2229ved getting the insect world to cooperate for the camera. There were tiny neon blue damselflies by the hundreds, some clamoring for attention and some mating on a blade of grass.

There’s an even tinier blue butterfly, contrasting richly against the brilliant yellows of the flowers it’s exploring. It’s a study in peace and beauty.

And there’s a much larger dragonfly, maybe 3 inches long, with double sets of wings. When it’s not landing, it is a speedy, quivering and elusive target that requires the photographer to be speedy and quivering, too, if he’s ever to capture this beast in flight.


And then the eagles came…and even from a distance, gave us a fabulous view as they brought fish after fish to the nest a few hundred yards above us…

to be continued


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