Media needs to side with what’s right, not with what sells

by Lana Levy LanaScarlett215807

We started this blog to highlight the positive things we captured on our travels, but travels are not always on the road, in the air or on the sea. Nowadays, you travel to places far beyond your home through places like social media.

We watched a video this morning that showed a young man trying to point out to a well-known Fox News reporter that the story is not about the riots in Baltimore, but about the thousands of people taking part in non-violent demonstrations that are not being publicized. The story is not just about a young man who died from a broken back after being in police custody, but about all that led to the man being arrested in the first place.

It is about a community in America suffering from poverty, with no way out.  It is about human rights being trampled by big banks and corporate greed. It is about families who have been forced into poverty so others can capture more wealth than they can possibly spend on themselves…stupid rich as the recent commercials portray. It’s about children with no place to play like children should play and instead becoming indoctrinated into gangs…

The list is long, and until we start listening to the folks who know and want to tell the story, we are not going to be able to “fix” it. Fox News didn’t want that story. All this reporter wanted was to talk about the riots that occurred in one part of a troubled city.

I praise those who continue to call the news media out for their cover-ups and sensationalism. Let’s change the line “if it doesn’t bleed it doesn’t lead” to “feed the need with a responsible lead” and start some healing in this country we call great.


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